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The Poet





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Welcome to this site. It is dedicated to healing through poetry. Nevertheless, because of legal reasons and since healing lies ultimately in yourself, what I can offer you is to write or speak a poem, a story, a fairy tale or another form of literature that comes to my mind or heart which will, if this is done for you, probably contain something from which you can get further onto your way or re-discover it.
It is about you and your way.

You can receive healing from whatever is suited for you, if you use it properly. Words can have a mighty effect.

Be it the symbolic content of words, be it the power hidden in or represented by the word, whatever you find in it may be able to guard you, to lead you or be a torch in current times.

In this sense is valid:

I can give you advice, possibly,

But I do not know what will happen.

I am a writer and a poet – and whatever flows

might be something

you might regard in highest esteem

if you allow yourself

to be open like a book

maybe I can read for you

the lines you do not know

consciously – yet that are engraved

in your very heart

until you hear them

all by yourself.

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A New Verse

• A new verse (February 1st, 2011):

I am Light, I am here
and you, too, are Light my dear.