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1. Poetical Work

My poetical work is with the exceptions of a few poems not yet accessible to the public. I am preparing changing this. Until this endeavour will bear fruit, please be patient...

                                                                                                       : ) Smile

2.Other Works

a. Print Media (Selection)

Menschenwürde und Völkerrecht. Mensch, Gerechtigkeit, Frieden. Tübingen: Medien Verlag Köhler 2001.  [Human Dignity and International Law. Man, Justice and Peace.] (Info)
ARCUS Project flourishes in Ibaraki. Interview with Tuksina Pipitkul (artist in residency, ARCUS - Project), in: Ibaraki Report, No. 37, January 2002, 7 pp. 7 f.

Germany. [Series in English] In: Keimei Gakuen Kenkyuu kiyou (啓明学園研究紀要)
  • [Part 1],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第12号 [2005], pp. 91 ff.
  • [Part 2],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第13号 [2006], pp. 85 ff.
  • [Part 3],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第14号 [2007], pp. 1 ff.
  • [Part 4],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第15号 [2008], pp. 1 ff.
  • [Part 5],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第16号 [2009]
  • [Part 6],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第17号 [2010]
  • [Part 7],  in: 啓明学園研究紀要 第18号 [2011]

General information as to this publication can be obtained from here; students or former students of mine can log in from their respective login-areas, generally also from this site.

b. Internet (Selection)

Man, Justice and Peace: Knowing Oneself and Knowing the Others as a Basis for Peace in the Order of Law and the World (doc)

3. Poems

To see a few examples, you may click here. If you speak German, you could read these, too, which have not been composed specifically for this project, though.