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Fairy tales are an ancient traditional way of telling truths about life, that can guide life and contain hints in the form of archetypes, which are also possible means of accessing, understanding and working with the power behind. A fairy tale can help you on your path. Fairy tales are not only for children, they are for open-hearted adults who can listen as well.

Here are a few books which might help to understand one aspect of the subject:

- Archetypes in fairy tales and in literature in general:

A good introduction is provided by Immoos, Thomas:  Die Sonne leuchtet um Mitternacht. Archetypen in der Literatur. Olten: Walter-Verlag  1986 (info).

- A fundamental work as to archetypes is the work of  C. G. Jung, e. g.: Die Archetypen und das kollektive Unbewußte [In: Gesammelte Werke. Neunter Band. Erster Halbband. Sonderausgabe.]. Solothurn und Düs­seldorf: Walter 1995 (info) [English title: (The) Archetypes and the Collective Unconsciousness; various editions] (info).

Jung's examination of the archetypes in his scientific research refers, in general, to certain levels of consiousness. Neverheless, because of the law of analogy, his findings should be transfearable or at least instructional for other levels. At which level you will let literature trigger progress, depends, of course, primarlily on your own stage of development as well. Helpful it can be in many respects.

The following quotation I found illustrative:

"Fairy Tales are the dreams of a native world,
which we yearn for
and in which we belong with our true inner being."


- And great, of course (using the following links, you will leave this website): J. R. R. Tolkien: "The Lord of the Rings" as well as Janet Rowling: "Harry Potter". Furthermore, the series "Märchen der Weltliteratur" (there might be more than the link is showing) published formerly by Diederichs-Verlag.